Dear parents,

Are you struggling with the choice
to place your child in care?

You are amazing.

You’re always trying to do the best for your kids.

You want them to have everything they need to reach their full potential.

You can’t help but feel overwhelmed when you think about things like kindergarten, early literacy and the public school system. You wish there was another option. You would keep them home with you forever if you could afford to and if you thought you might not go completely bonkers.

You and I, we understand each other.

You just might have found your solution if:

  • you’d like it if your little monkey loved playing outside more than watching movies
  • you want your child to have a deep connection and appreciation for nature
  • you need to know that you’re leaving your precious little one in capable loving hands (to give you a few hours of adult time)

A window into our world:

My name is Krystal Jeffrey founder of Loving Learning and an advocate for play. I started an this daycare because I believe in simple things like mud pies & fairy tales and wanted to free parents (and myself) from the feeling of never being good enough.

I learned (the hard way) that the more my children played the easier my life became. I didn’t need movies, television or toys to occupy them once I had activated their imaginations. The more they engaged deeply in their own fantasies the more creative, confident and secure they became. It was so simple.

At Loving Learning we believe young children learn their deepest, richest lessons through imaginative play and exploration. We see it as our responsibility as parents, leaders and teachers to inspire that play with stories and songs. Each day we cultivate and create space for children to process their inner world.

We want to inspire parents to let go of expectations, judgements and what their child “should” be doing so that they are free to enjoy the simple pleasure of a child climbing up a hill.

Let deep imaginative play be the
foundation for your child’s education.

We have a special place in our heart for parents who…

  • have a favorite vendor at the Kamloops Farmers Market
  • shop at local Kamloops businesses before big box retailers
  • spend more time reading books than watching movies
  • practice conscious parenting and personal growth
  • love and support the Arts

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