10 Ways to Adopt Elements Inspired by Waldorf into Your Home

This is re-shared from a google group that I am a part of and I couldn’t help but share her lovely ideas with you here:

I thought I would write up a little list to get you started, whether you live in Fossil, Oregon, or NYC. Each family can choose to adopt a few of these ideas and ease into a home-style inspired by Waldorf Education that will bring the best of both worlds to you. Please add suggestions and ideas on how you are accomplishing this or have done so in the past or are planning to in the future.

  1.  Remove the TV.
    Store it if you must in a relative’s garage or something but take it out of your home.
  2. Keep the computer locked and out of sight when not using.
    Try to avoid using the computer at all when the children are awake and about. Save computer time for when they are asleep.
  3. Avoid talking on cell phones with your family.
    Turn off the sound and check once a couple times a day. Designate no cell phone time zones in your life and stick to this. Same for iPad.
  4. Go outside every day, year round, for part of a day.
    On the week ends, go further out and hike, kayak, ski, camp, boat, bike, simply pack a simple lunch and take off, on foot, on wheels, in a car or bus to a trail head, and go! Find local spots of unstructured woods or wild places along the edges of civilization and hunker down, there. Avoid parks with structures and so on most of the time. Find the wild places with woods and water, and play there.
  5. Maintain a daily rhythm including rising, eating, cleaning, cooking, and preparing for sleep.
    Stick to it. Involve candles of beeswax, songs, stories, and blessings.
  6. Form some friendships with like minded people and celebrate the seasons with them.
    Fall harvest suppers, winter crafting workshops, spring May Day pole dances, and summer camping with the asteroid belt falling stars….Show your children how to create simple meaningful rituals and celebrations, and then keep these up for years and years.
  7. Keep the big folk talk, to the big folks!
    Do not discuss family security, finances, fights, bad world news, and so on with children under 12. Period. Mom and dad are in charge, the world is a beautiful good place, you are a child, we are the grown ups. If I see one more child with huge anxious eyes and dark circles underneath those gorgeous frightened orbs….over exposed to adult life in EVERY WAY you can imagine…this is simply too much for the children, let them be children and keep your urgent icky adult issues for the adults.
  8. Adopt a meal habit that supports healthy life.
    Cook don’t re-heat or warm or assemble, study cooking and learn how to make a dozen very healthy satisfying entrees and focus on soup-making. You will never be sorry you know how to make a good soup.
  9. Practice art.
    Be an artistic person, make this a normal part of your lives. Tell artful stories, paint, draw, make music, sing, move, dance, arrange leaves in the park into a mandala, make a design with stones by the creek, arrange a star with driftwood on the beach….speak a poem once in a while. Find a time to be in awe of Mother Nature…be speechless with wonder.
  10. Meditate on your child/spouse/family members at night before you fall asleep, think of the highest self of each one, find their shining moments and glory in those…enhance your children’s capacities, build them up and expand them. Reflect on the unique wonder and beauty of each one. Feel lucky to have them in your life.