About Us

The cardboard box theory…

As a parent myself I’ve come to learn that toys with a single intended use tend to inhibit creativity & create conflict amongst children. On the other hand, toys that mould & adapt to a child’s play inspire that sense of wonder and limitlessness children are known for. That’s why we strive to provide natural materials with many areas & opportunities for creative play. We do our best to mimic a home-like play environment to give your child a safe place where they can work out their problems.

When a child learns to engage deeply within their own imagination they become their own source of entertainment; no videos, iPods or plastic toys required.

Learning, discovering and teaching through play

Learning is not always about teaching. Some of the best learning is done through discovery and play. As parents, we are our children’s first and most important teachers. In my own children, I hope to instil a love of learning that takes them through their school ages and follows them throughout their lives. Today there seems to be so much focus and pressure to create little geniuses that it is easy to forget that our kids don’t need us to make them brilliant; they need us to love them, play with them and be there with them to answer all of their questions.

Our hope for you…


We wish to offer a breath of calm, peace and fresh air into your every day life. Parenting is one of the most difficult and most important jobs we will ever do and we are here to support you in your amazing heroic journey. You are amazing. We strive to encourage you to trust your own intuition because we believe that only you know what is best for your child.

Our thoughts on kindergarten readiness…

We believe that children are best prepared for their entrance to kindergarten by providing them a firm foundation in the physical world, confidence in themselves, the adults around them and the rhythm of their day. Our focus is on their emotional and physical development rather than academic achievement. It is our belief that head based concepts such as math and reading come much later & that early childhood is a time for laying the groundwork that gives each child a secure sense of self which they can take with them out into the world.

I have two children of my own who skipped traditional preschool in favor of a play-based method. Neither of my children knew their “abc’s” when they were tested at kindergarten entrance. I am happy to say that both are very strong capable students. My daughter, in Grade 5, just received an A in math this term and has entered the “Battle of the Books” for her school. My son, in Grade 2, is an avid reader and despite skipping Grade 1 entirely he leads his class in both math and writing.

Krystal Jeffrey
Founder/Director Loving Learning

Play is the work of childhood.

Our curriculum focus is on age appropriate child development. Preschoolers learn about and make sense of their world through play, acting out the things they are experiencing and trying to recreate them in their play. We believe that the teacher’s role is one of a loving authority. She demonstrates through her actions and physical presence what the children are expected to do and how they are expected to behave. Role modeling, imitation and leading by example are thought to be one of the best ways to teach good character to young children because of their innate tendency to copy the people around them.

Our teachers strive to be excellent role models for your children, we believe it is their #1 job to set a good example. Early Childhood Educators have received an education specific to understanding and assessing the needs of young children and we have taken care to choose teachers whom we feel best emulate our values of reverence, trust and empathy.

Our Rates

We believe that good people doing work as important as leading your children ought to be paid well so that they can feel free from financial stresses. Our programs cost a little more than a traditional childcare program and we know that we’re worth it. Our pricing table is found here and yes, absolutely we accept subsidy.

If you are searching for a child care program for your family and would like to learn more about Waldorf this is an excellent article written by a mother on her own journey.