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Ms Lucie at outdoor adventures in KamloopsI choose who gets to work here very carefully.

I am picky because I know you are too.

There is no greater honor than to be entrusted with the care and well being of your child.

We consider that a privilege each and every day.

Thank you.

It is a gift to share the experience of watching your child grow with you.

Thank you.

I consider myself blessed to work with such incredible people.

Lorisa Zazulak

lorisa-zazulakLead ECE

I have always been amazed at children’s magical view of the word and how their honesty continuously creates beauty and wonderment in everything around them. I have learned to listen to the way children see their environments and everyday my life is richer.

I have been blessed in life to intertwine my love for travel with my desire to work with children. Working with children has provided me with adventures in Norway, Louisiana. Then thinking that I needed to live in one city for more than a year, I decided to take Early Childhood Education at Langara College.This journey was one of the best decisions of my life, as working with children is my calling. During a practicum, I discovered UBC Childcare Services and remained there for 8 wonderful years.

While working at UBC I was able to explore my interest in Waldorf Education. I implemented a daycare inspired by my Waldorf teachings and worked with Margo Running to bring elements of Waldorf Education into a mainstream daycare. Waldorf Education has continued to inspire my work as an early childhood educator and as a mother.

Krystal Jeffrey

Feb10 027Childcare Director

If you can believe it I have been dreaming of this project for 10 years. Ever since my daughter was born I wanted to help parents and children learn together with love. I bought the domain name lovinglearning.com back in 2004 and the project has taken on various forms over the years as I have studied child development and grown as a parent myself.

5 years ago I read a magazine article about a Forest Kindergarten in Norway where the children played outside all day every day no matter what the weather.

Having spent a lot of time with my children outdoors I thought it was a wonderful idea and secretly dreamed of having my own outdoor daycare. Settling for the next best thing I did after school care where my goal each day was not to set one foot indoors. We dropped our bags grabbed some snacks and were on our way! Admittedly it was hard on the older kids at first but they quickly grew to love and look forward to our daily adventures.

My beliefs about parenting and child development have in many ways taken a complete 180 from where they started at. The principles of anthroposophy are meant to challenge you and call to your inner-development. As a single parent there has been no one else to blame or look to for support, I have had to draw on my own inner strength countless times to keep going.

On the clerical side I’m a numbers girl. I worked for 5 years for a large financial corporation in their head office, ran my own web development contracting company for another 5 years and generally am a self starter. I like to see things through to completion and have a super strong desire to contribute to my community. I think all that serves me extremely well in this position.

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