Celebrating Summer Solstice

Sunrise on June 21st signifies the beginning of the longest day of our calendar year and is celebrated by many as Summer Solstice. Though the words are on our calendars not many of us take the time to honor the deeper meaning within these seasonal celebrations. 

Summer solstice is ruled by the element of fire and the warmth of the South. It is a powerful time for reaffirming relationships of all kinds. Our relationship to our Self is the foundation upon which all others lie; our health, wealth, career or marriage all are built upon the foundation of connection we have laid to our selves.

This Summer Solstice is the peak of the year, full of warmth, radiance and fulfilment. We see the earth full of her colourful bounty of blossom, and the promise of ripe fruits and plentiful harvests. Beltane was a time for the Goddess – a prayer to her to make our land and lives lush; however, the Solstice is when we see our wishes fulfilled and we celebrate this. With the heat of the sun embracing the land, the celebration of the Summer Solstice brings forth a wondrous recognition that we can now enjoy the fruits of our labours.

– Brighter Blessings

It is a time to of peak fertility not just of the earth but for the seeds you plant within yourself. Reflect upon those which you are sowing and those you intend to sow. On this day you might like to light a candle, say a prayer for yourself and reconnect with that deep inner knowing of who you are and what you would like to see in the world.

The most traditional activity is to light a fire at dusk. We like to have a camp fire on Summer Solstice and because we are city dwellers it is often our first camp fire of the year which gives it a special significance. Summer has officially begun. We give thanks for the summer bounty that is beginning to grace our kitchen table and the abundance that fed us through the winter. Last year we had a bonfire in which we burned our regrets and our intentions for the growing season.

The Mystic Mama had a great collection of solstice ideas – things you could do to celebrate. My favourites are anything to do with flowers. I have grown a new appreciation for flowers that never existed before. Flowers are beautiful and beauty has much importance in our world, it soothes our soul and lightens our heart. Perhaps a fiery flower mandala would be a pleasant activity for you today.

I found a beautiful Summer Solstice Pinterest board with many ideas for how you could incorporate celebrating the glory of the natural world into your life. There are many many more ideas out there but the most meaningful will be the ones that resonate with you and your family.

Whatever you do to celebrate this festival it is the intention you put into it that matters most.