Handmade Memories

I own a book that is over 40 years old. I do not keep it up high on a shelf or hidden away in a cupboard, it is in my kids toy box and I hope to pass it on to my grandchildren so that it may go in their toy box as well.

It was made by my Nanna, I believe for my mother and it is a felt ABC book. Each page is made of felt & contains a picture and letter made of felt and glued on. The book is bound with yarn, tied in knots at each end. It is not beautiful or exceptionally well done but it is something that I cherish very dearly and my kids love to play with.

Making your own books can be a wonderful experience for you and your children and is something that you can pass down through the generations with pride & joy.

Here are some ideas:

  • Paper Books – we drew and scribbled pictures in ours you could also just as easily cut some out or find them online. You can cover any paper books that you make with contact paper found at Walmart or your local craft store. Either staple the laminated pages together or hole punch & put in a small binder. We found plastic rings at a dollar store to bind ours together & made covers out of construction paper.
  • Felt Books – felt goes on sale frequently at the fabric store, or you can buy felt sheets at most dollar stores for a quarter a piece, a little bit of fabric glue, a big embroidery needle to sew on a binding with yarn & you have a durable kid friendly book just like mine!
  • Picture Book – A photo album can make a wonderful story book, and it is filled with characters that your child knows! A great way to learn peoples names & get your child familiar with seeing them.


When printing in your child’s books print neat large lower-case letters. Only use capitals where appropriate and try to make your print at least 2 inches high in black or red.

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