Outside the Box

JanMarApr2009 037 (Small)I am a rather unconventional person by nature and boxes do not become me.

Instead of applying for the traditional funding through a bank or community futures I have opted to do something called crowd funding. This is where you ask the community to support your project by purchasing small gifts or donating money to your cause. It is a feel good approach to financing that seemed to fit the project so much better than a cold bank loan.

My goal is to raise $5000 by the end of July.

This is the break down of how that money will be spent:

  • $750 deposit on our space
  • $1500 first months rent in August
  • $1500 furniture (play kitchen, cubbies, benches, play stands)
  • $750 toys (play silks, wooden animals)
  • $500 renovations

I really hope the community will get behind me on this. It doesn’t take much and every little bit counts!
You can view the campaign here.