Media’s influence on childhood

The Marin Waldorf School created a beautiful piece that very accurately reflects our position regarding media in early childhood.

“Our experience, as a school and as a movement, is that popular culture, especially as expressed through various forms of media, overwhelms children’s thinking and imagination. We make a conscious effort to quiet pop culture and media awareness in order to make room for the development of intellectual curiosity and a healthy and authentic sense of self. Waldorf education strives to awaken a children’s excitement and enthusiasm for learning through a curriculum rich in academic and artistic expression.”
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Our Director’s Thoughts on Media

One of the things I have consistently noticed in observing children’s play is the powerful influence television and movie characters have. Not only in how they play but also in their ability to play and engage their own creative force.

Coles notes version of what we strive for in my own home:

  1. Zero media for children under 2
  2. Highly selective media for all children and ALWAYS with a parent present for guidance.
  3. Our family benefited from routine and rhythm around our media consumption
    in the form of “movie night” or “Little House on the Prairie Night
  4. No hand held devices for children under 10 (no tablets, no ipods, no phones)
  5. Equivalent time outside IN WILD NATURE for every moment spent in front of a screen.

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