Choosing an Alternative to Conventional Preschool

Choosing an Alternative to Conventional Preschool

A look inside Montessori & Our Program inspired by Waldorf Education

For many parents choosing the school their child attends is a conversation that happens even before conception. It factors into where they choose to live, how much money they need to make and how many children they have.

Education for the whole child

Maria Montessori and Rudolf Steiner both had a strong sense of societal reform built into the content they were teaching. They believe in developing the whole child, teaching children to think for themselves and, above all, showing them how to avoid violence. These are beautiful ideals which will help build a better world for the future.

Preserving Childhood

Rudolph Steiner and Maria Montessori both believed in the importance of childhood and in protecting children from the stress facing adults.

Child Development Focused

Each use curricula which are developmentally appropriate and have based their education on the needs of children and not on governmental curriculum. Read more