The Importance of Breakfast

Probably one of the easiest meals of the day it is also the most important. Often it is the only one I will eat until dinner and you can bet if your child goes to school or on many play dates that the quality of their breakfast will impact the rest of their day. The most important thing is fats. We’ve been scared of feeding our family fats for the past few decades but thankfully that mindset is changing. Margarine is out and butter is back in! For more information about the right kinds of fats for you and your family please read here.

To my son ‘breakfast’ means some form of oatmeal or granola and milk or yogurt. If someone were to ask him if he wanted breakfast and you served him toast you might just wind up regretting you’d gotten up such a short time ago.

Clearly we’ve established routine in his life to the point where ‘breakfast’ is no longer a random meal it is a specific one. All that said my son is also a very early riser and generally has ‘breakfast’ before us and then eats ‘second breakfast’ with us. He is a fan of the ‘second breakfast’ concept.

Here is what we often eat for breakfast, or second breakfast.

  • Milkshakes – raw milk, raw egg yolk and a bit of honey in a blender – yum.
  • Scrambled Eggs & Steamed Greens – my daughters favorite at 4 she could make this herself (with supervision of course) I will generally add random vegetables that are on their way out. The Greens get tossed in as I turn off the pan with a dash of water and a lid on top. I melt cheese over top of them so the kids will actually eat them.
  • Homemade Granola and Yogurt – plain homemade yogurt with a little jam mixed in
  • Blue berries and cream – another fav of my daughters
  • Cookies – yes I said it. These are special cookies that my kids can eat whenever they want full of good things, more like a granola bar than a cookie.